From crossover to integration, NavInfo, deeply rooted in location big data, released MineData 2.0

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On June 14, 2018, NavInfo appeared at the China National Convention Center in Beijing again one year later and held the press conference for NavInfo location big data platform of MineData 2.0 with the theme of "Integration". As an important product to support NavInfo new business sector, MineData has experienced a year of change and is paying more attention to focusing on the core capability of data mining. At the same time, it also expands the industry application with a more open mind so as to make the location big data platform radiate more vitality. 

MineData is incubated inside NavInfo Group, and fully integrates all the data of its subsidiaries and all product lines and partners' data. It is a big data platform launched on the basis of its own data, algorithms and technical advantages, and Cennavi, the subsidiary of NavInfo is responsible for its operation. It is understood that by the end of June 2018, the total amount of system data storage has exceeded 4.7PB, and the daily data increment has exceeded 3.3TB. 

Liang Yongjie, NavInfo's SVP and Cennavi's General Manager said in his speech that only by revitalizing will the data have new value, and only by crossover will the data have a new story. Last year, we built and promoted the MineData location big data platform according to this concept and crossed many industries. Many projects have been carried out in the fields of traffic police, public security, planning, telecommunications, insurance, logistics, and automobile plants to help users discover the value in data, improve the management level of business information, and solve the pain points of users from the point of location big data. Mr. Liang believes that MineData 2.0 has realized the leapfrog upgrading of the basic capability, the customized output of the platform capability and the crossover vertical penetration of the industry. It is hoped that the MineData 2 can be a propeller in the aspects including promoting the product innovation, user experience, etc., and make the big data ability of the NavInfo open to the users from all walks of life and explore the value from the prospective of its own business and completes the integration of multi-industry applications. 

Compared with the 1.0 version, MineData 2.0 has made a comprehensive upgrade from data processing, visualization ability and core algorithm and other aspects. On the basis of the original DataHIVE, MineMap and MineLab, it has further enriched the platform products and launched MinePlay and MineNavi and other platform products. According to the introduction from Shi Qinghua, NavInfo's Vice President and Cennavi's Executive Vice President, MineMap has created a powerful visualization ability of full scene. Based on massive geographic information data therein, MinePlay helps non-professionals build professional-level data access, service customization and visualization applications, and meets the display demands of various services such as business monitoring, risk early warning, geographic information analysis, and so on. While MineNavi is a customizable navigation service kit orientated towards B-side field and can provide maps and navigation customization services. It mainly includes customized search, intelligent route planning, ETA and intelligent navigation and other related travel services. At present, it is mainly orientated towards military, insurance, public security, logistics and other fields. 

Meanwhile, based on the needs of multi-scene application, MineData 2.0 launched a series of industry solutions including traffic police big data platform, new-version four-dimensional transport index platform, vehicle big data analysis platform, sensor cloud platform for the automobile plants and so on.  Therein, on the basis of the enterprise-level map platform of MineMap, the traffic police big data platform product provides traffic police special data fusion, data analysis and data visualization products and services to assist traffic police to control urban traffic congestion, improve the effectiveness of road management, and ensure the smooth road. The vehicle big data analysis platform provides enterprises with a big data platform for modern vehicle intelligent monitoring and analysis, helps enterprises to scientifically manage vehicles, reduce operating costs and improve economic efficiency. The vehicle sensor cloud platform covers dynamic traffic information service, intelligent travel service, network sensor cloud service and automobile big data platform, aims to bring more efficient, safer and more comfortable driving experiences to the automobile owners, and provides one-stop platform experience of optimizing product design for customers of the automobile industry and exploring the value of data. 

In the conference, the NavInfo-released new-version four-dimensional transport index platform is a platform for the monitoring and decision support of the national-level road network operation, which solves the limitation of the single index by multi-dimension and multi-angle composite congestion evaluation index, and realizes the analysis for the traffic congestion degree, scope and trend of road network or specific areas of main cities nationwide to achieve temporal and spatial evolution rule of congestion and provide decision support for urban traffic planning and management authorities. 

Cennavi and HUAWEI signed a cooperation agreement, and the two sides will carry out an all-round cooperation in the informatization construction of public security field, to jointly promote the development of public security business. In addition, NavInfo signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beihang University (hereinafter referred to as "Beihang"). The cooperation between NavInfo and Beihang focuses on major core science and technology of comprehensive traffic big data application, to carry out pragmatic cooperation in traffic big data collection, analysis, processing, AI aided decision and so on. 

Several guests including Gang Changlong, Director of HUAWEI's intelligent traffic police solution, Feng Jian, General Manager of China Re Group's Information Technology Center, Tian Ying, Chief of Xi'an Traffic Police Technology Department, Wu Sufeng, the doctor of Urban Transportation Research Branch of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, etc. shared the application cases and experiences of MineData location big data platform in their respective fields of business practice. 

For NavInfo, MineData has become an important platform towards governments, enterprises, professional organizations and even the public to provide professional location big data services to let users understand the huge value of the business data spatialization and provide favorable and powerful decision-making support for business development, which is also an original intention of NavInfo to launch MineData.