Location Cloud Service

Cennavi Location cloud service can provide the approved position data access for the customers of all industries, including the sensor data, map data and dynamic and static data, and it can also establish a position cloud platform for customers so that the customers can conduct processing, management, visualization and analysis of all location big data of the platform and create more data derivative values. 

Charging Pile Dynamic

The data source is reliable, providing a charging pile data sandbox externally with the merging static anddynamic charging pile data. It covers 249 cities, 14,999 charging stations and 69,958 charging piles intotal. The static information is updated monthly, while the update frequency of dynamic information is 15minutes.

Parking Lot Dynamic

Solving "parking difficulty" is the core demand. Cennavi develops a series of parking service products toensure the smooth parking experience of users upon a huge number of parking lots and dynamic parkinginformation. The services not only include parking map and parking navigation, but also provide users withone-stop service such as parking price comparison, booking space and mobile payment. It reduces thetime loss of parking for drivers with the comprehensive, timely and precise parking information.

Tail Number Limit Line

Complicated and changeable restriction policy causesinconvenience for users' travel. Cennavi provide users withvarious city license plate restriction services in order to
create a more convenient, accurate and intelligent travelenvironment, avoiding unnecessary trouble. It includesget-on reminder service (restriction information that day, restriction policy and restriction reminder in thelatest week), pre-alarm service near the restriction areas, round route plan service (the system canautomatically plan one route to avoid the restriction based on the license plate and restriction policy whenthe destination is not in the restriction area).

Smart Cloud Route Planning

Provide users with the cloud route planning service via online. The online route calculation engines have been considered, such as real-time road condition, road condition forecasting, historical road condition and other patterns excavated by data, to provide users with more and better route selection. Moreover, compared with the route planning at the car machine end, the cloud route planning service has faster updating advantages. 

Intermodal Routing Service

Intermodal routing service plans a travel route for users, aiming at the situation that the vehicle's electricityof electric vehicle users may be insufficient based on the current location and destination of users, combiningvarious public transport modes, such as public traffic, P+R transfer, subway, and driving.

Surplus Electricity Travel Range

Real-time calculate the farthest range of the electricvehicle with surplus electricity through the rangedrawing on the map to provide users with travel range instruction service.this service solves the vehicle“stranding” suddenly caused by power failure for the electric vehicle user and potential user, making theelectric vehicle user can real-time master the vehicle decisive range and making it possible for users todrive electric vehicle for a longer distance travel.