MineData Platform

MineData big data platform is the location information SAAS platform that is based on more than ten years of the navigation electronic map production and service experience of Navinfo and fully utilizes its own data, algorithm and technical advantages. It focuses on building Location cloud service, provides a whole set of data aggregation and distribution, visualization, scientific research, engineering and business big data solution for users, forms the big data ecological closed loop and finally serves the vertical field comprehensively. 


DataHIVE is the basis of MineData big data platform, and it is an automation data transfer platform that integrates aggregation, storage and service into a whole. DataComb system is an integrated multi-dimensional data collection, storage management and service system. The perfect monitoring system runs through the whole life cycle of data and provides rich data StatShot and convenient system operation & maintenance interface. 


MineMap is a location data visualization platform, and uses cutting-edgeWebGL rendering technology based on big data warehouse of Navinfoand user data, which can provide different styles of display scenes andeffects for users, such as basic map, three dimensional, real-time trafficroad condition and dynamic track simulation. Support personalizedconfiguration of pattern, base map and template, and help users customizeexclusive industry maps. Mine Map can also realize multi-terminalissue of Web\pad and the mobile terminal, and provide Web api interfacethat can be applied to many scenes for developers.


MineLab calls the data analysis algorithm and deeply excavates the data value based on the DataComb and the strong data management and visualization capability of MineMap. As an important part of location big data platform product, MineLab provides such functions as flexible data processing, algorithm verification and business flow customization, reduces the initial cost of location big data analysis, and makes response and support promptly for data mining. 


Based on the strong data processing capability of DataComb, the extreme visualization capability of MineMap and the deep analysis algorithm of MineLab, Cennavi MineData platform can provide the intelligent position solution based on the industrial characteristics for the whole industry, help all industries to excavate the data potentials and create the industrial value.