High Precision Real-time Traffic Information

High precision real-time traffic information means that providing traffic flow conditions in designated areas and roads. At present, Cennavi traffic information has covered 340+ cities and 100+ car navigation's specification level cities, and main commuting road coverage ratio is up to 70%-90%. What's more, quick update in 1 minute and 100 meters high precision expression has been achieved, and accuracy rate of closing road is up to 90%. Intercity traffic information has covered major highways and three economic circles in China.

Simple Graphic Information

Provide real-time traffic flow, restriction and event information of intercity highway, city express and vital communication lines in city by simple and clear graphs. Clear picture and plain information expressed by graphic pictures has realized commercialization at present. Cennavi simple graphics service has covered 40 cities and three major economic circles, including 1515 simple map templates.

Event Information

Broadcast and delete event information that affected traffic timely and accurately, such as: traffic accidents, road constructions, road closing, hazard warning, etc. The company has already applied the voice recognition and semantic analysis technologies to the event information acquisition through the cooperation with Pachira, reducing the manual intervention dramatically, and improving the issue efficiency. Event information has already covered 100+ cities, realizing the quick release within 5 minutes.

Road Condition Forecast

 Road condition forecast makes a prediction of the road condition in the future based on historical traffic data and the current real-time traffic data, forecasting road traffic situations in any minutes. Remind the departure time before travel, and understand the overall traffic conditions in the future; and support the query of surrounding road condition trends and expected arrival time in travel in order to provide users with more considerate route planning.

Lane-level Traffic Information

Lane-level traffic information, based on lots of high frequency data return and model of forecasting and judging smart lane, provides more accurate and detailed road condition of each lane for drivers, which helps drivers acquire turning information, speed difference, average driving speed and traffic condition before they approach the intersection, thus optimize travel route and improve travel efficiency.

Text/Voice Traffic Information

Based on users' different usage scenarios, provide road condition broadcast in text and voice forms, to provide users with timely and accurate traffic travel reference. Broadcast contains construction, accidents and other event information in addition to traffic smooth flow, congestion and other traffic conditions. Having rich forms, achieving with low cost and supporting personalized customization, the product becomes one of the important services in automobile aftermarket.

Historical Traffic Information

Historical traffic information provides users with related services, such as travel route reference and estimated time of arrival. The specification of the historical data information is the historical average velocity value for seven days a week and 24 hours a day of the designated road or position. At present, Cennavi can provide the historical traffic information services in 36 cities.