Indoor Map Production

There are 35 data acquisition bases and a data production team of more than 1000 persons in China that has the batch production, collection and updating capability of indoor map data nationwide. By the first quarter of 2016, it has owned more than 30 cities and over 700 building indoor map data in China. The indoor map forms a perfect production process flow, and the production of decimetre-level indoor map at the lowest cost can be realized through over 20 production links and 10 professional map processing tools. 


Indoor Map Update

Cennavi can provide the indoor maps of all industries such as supermarket, shopping center, department store and parking lot and update the building indoor map data quarterly. Meanwhile, Cennavi can update the map automatically, so that when the internal structure of the building is changed slightly, such as booth name change and shop split, the customers can maintain the map automatically and update it to the user phone quickly and synchronously. The map maintenance system can update the edited map to the user mobile terminal synchronously within 1 minute. 

Indoor Map Display

The indoor map display function can display the indoor maps, including map-zoom in and out, translation, rotating, floor switching and click interaction. Cennavi indoor map can support the text self-adaption display of space unit, that is, the font size and angle of the space unit name can be adjusted automatically according to the range, trend and scaling of the space unit. 


Indoor Map Search

Check the matching space unit and facilities according to the key words such as name, brand and category of space unit, and support fuzzy supporting query. Click and pick up the space unit and facilities according to the map, and check the attributes such as the name and category. 


Indoor Positioning

At present, the location technology includes more than ten kinds of location technologies such as WIFI, Beacon, geomagnetism and UWB, and the location accuracy is from 0.5m to 10m according to the different cost and location grade (consumer grade and industrial grade). Cennavi can provide location solutions according to different APP scenarios. Including: Location data acquisition, map matching technology and hybrid location technology. 

Indoor Route Planning

Cennavi indoor map can provide the accurate route planning scheme from the indoor starting point and indoor final point and the convenient and fast navigation service, and help the user to arrive at the indoor destination. It also can provide the voice broadcast and text indication service in the route planning, so that the indoor route planning navigation can be realized in different scenarios. 

Indoor Precision Marketing

Accurate marketing analyzes accurate user portrait through user shopping information, App log, consumer information and member information, etc.; find the customer flow rules such as the mall brand, area and time through multi-dimensional position analysis; analyze the "people", "commodity" and "shopping mall" comprehensively based on data, design accurate marketing scheme, conduct pre-execution simulation evaluation on the scheme and conduct comprehensive assessment after activity. 


Indoor Operation Management

Analyze the customer flow at different time periods through the operation law of shopping mall customer flow, and provide decision suggestions for digital composing; find the congestion situation through real-time monitoring and thermodynamic diagram to realize emergency coping in advance. Find the brand combination law according to the multi-dimensional analysis of user position, and provide reasonable suggestions for rent collection, dynamic line optimization and commodity structural adjustment.