Map Display

Cennavi map display service can provide the customers with: All-round multi-mode map display modes such as dynamic vector diagram, static grid map, satellite image, real-time road condition, 3D street diagram and thermodynamic diagram. Support multi-terminal data transfer and SDK development kit, so that customers can customize the diversified map display scheme according to own personalized demand. 

Map Editing

Cennavi map editing service can support: Various map editing modes such as map data upload of user, area measurement of user and distance measurement. When the user uploads data, it can support various data formats, convert the map customization and edit demand of the user into the visualized map product practically and fully meet the map editing and operation requirement of the user. 

Map Positioning

At present, Cennavi can provide various location technology and hybrid location modes based on GPS position, Wi-Fi and base station and the location solutions according to different APP scenarios of user. The hybrid location technology can realize location seamless coverage of environment, achieve the location effect of low cost and high user experience and achieve fast and accurate location of multiple terminals. 

Map Search

Cennavi map search service can support: Searching service such as map key word searching, peripheral POI searching, geocoding and reverse geocoding, geographical coordinates conversion and administrative division query. It also can support various accurate search and match and fuzzy searching query, to meet the user's personalized, diversified and purposeful map searching requirement. 

Route Planning

Currently, the route planning can provide various travel modes for the user according to the user's navigation requirement, including driving route planning, public traffic route planning and multi-transfer route planning, etc.; it also can support the route planning of multi-passing point and congestion point avoiding, provide most convenient and fastest travel route for the user, optimize the user's travel experience and improve the user's travel efficiency. 

Driving Navigation

Driving navigation service provides all navigation operation functions including voice, text, speed limit, electronic eye and real-time road condition broadcasting. The navigation mode can be deployed online or offline according to the APP scenarios of the customer. The light navigation software development kit can completely solve the difficult navigation development problems of non-map navigation companies, so that the user can enter the advanced level of domestic navigation product development with a single step.